Home of Compassions
Prince Obinna D. Nwawuike

Prince Obinna D. Nwawuike is working to respond to the needs of the section of the society that are

  • Deprived
  • Neglected,
  • Frustrated and in dire needs of basic infrastructure: no motorable roads, no light, no portable drinking water.
  • Basic medical attention
  • Educational facilities: poor infrastructure, lack of teaching aids, lack of qualified teachers.
  • Atleast one meal a day.
  • Emergency Shelter & Housing
  • Warm Clothing

As witness to the Ikeja cantonment bomb blast in January 2002 (where poorly stock pilled, outdated military ammunition's exploded on its own). This had a similar effect of an attack from an external enemy.

  • People died
  • Families were displaced
  • Houses were destroyed
  • Children were made destitute and orphans

There was an need for an urgent Salvage initiative and intervention and having personally been affected by that catastrophy, he was moved to offer his residence as a temporary shelter to those affected by the bomb blast. By so doing he provided temporary shelter, opportunity to have a warm meal and receive counselling to stabilize their emotions.

This initiative birthed , Salvage Mission Inititative (Home of Compassion).